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Product Name: 4cmc
Product Type: Pharmaceutical Intermediates
Product spec: 99.1% purity
Packing: 1 kg /bag
Post Time: 2017-04-21
Usage: 4-cmc for research
Description: Email: Proname: 4cmc Appearance: powder Purity: >99.4% Are you in search of a new vendor? Do you import from China? We are china based factory, direct supplier of RC . 4-CMC 4CEC Crystal BK-EBDP crystal Ethyl-Hexedrone crystal powder Mexedrone POWDER ADB-Fubinaca powder AB-CHMINACA MDPHP Crystal MDPV Crystal 5F-ADB powder APPP crystal 4F-PHP crystal Fub-amb powder FUB-AKB-48 crystal powder 4-CPRC, 4cl-pvp, 4-MPD, 4-MDMC, TH-PVP,4F-PV8, MMBC,4-MEC, Hex-en, 25i Contact: Email:
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